Company Profile

SerFinMec is equipped with cutting-edge systems that finish both small and large items (die cast or chill cast).
Situated on a lot of 2,000 sqm, Serfinmec is located in Passirano, a little town in the province of Brescia, Northern Italy.
The company is backed by over thirty years of experience in the field of casting and finishing of aluminum and zamak products.
As a result of such expertise,  SerFinMec manufacture high-quality goods with a constant focus on innovation.
Our set of equipment is composed of:
  • Fully robotic high pressure die casting machines from 200 to 1200 tons;
  • Tunnel sandblasting machines especially useful for large and delicate items;
  • Drum sandblasting machines useful for any kind of casting;
  • Automated grinding systems for the machining of large quantities of goods;
  • Innovative manual grinding for any kind of casting;
  • Vertical, horizontal and completely automatic CNC machines with change pallet and 4th and 5th axles to allow even centesimal working of the items;
  • Three-dimensional survey machines;
  • Binder cutter for casting cutting and extruded bars.

For over 30 years SERFINMEC is leader in aluminium die casting and mechanical finishes for third parties.